Are you planning a Rollout in Peru? Or would you like to have a support for your Peruvian subsidiary?

Then you are certainly at the right place. We know what you need in Peru and how to use successfully SAP in Peru.

Our expertise includes dealing with these complex contents, which are important for Peru:

  • Connection of the electronic invoice to SUNAT fiscal authority
  • SUNAT documents for individuals (Boleta)
  • Inflationary accounting for fixed assets
  • Valuation of current assets (inflationary accounting, Material Ledger)
  • Taxation for motor fuels and various consumer goods (ISC - Impuesto Selectivo al Consumo)
  • Special payment method (Letras de Cambio, which is a type of Bill of Exchange that can be held for specific legal transactions or in general)
  • Withholding taxes for import and export processes (Retención, Percepción and Detracción)
  • Exchange rates of the Central Bank of Peru