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Our 2 x SAP ERP // S4 HANA Templates


Nota Técnica 2021.001

Please find attached the new Nota Técnica as published by the Receita Federal. The new…

Go Live Freudenberg

After thorough preparation, we had a successful go live at Freudenberg. The data is migrated…

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SAP Template LATAM

Each SAP Rollout is based on our own SAP South America Template. All characteristics of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia are combined in this template.

Project Management

New in Latin America, a new office, a new SAP System, new processes? Even if you answer just one of these questions with yes, you are going to face a huge challenge. Tax regulations, laws and the intercultural barrier are just some of the difficulties.

Custom Developments

Everything has its limits. This is also true for our SAP LATAM template functionality. To continue when we reach these boundaries, our experienced SAP developers are helping us

Digital Solutions
E-invoicing / Nota Fiscal

Almost all Latam countries work with electronic invoices  which need to be send to the respective authorities. Only after approval, you are allowed to ship your merchandise. 

Mercocon partnered with Heisab to provide added value for our joint customers. 

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