Are you planning a Rollout in Chile? Or would you like to have a support for your Chilean subsidiary?

Then you are certainly at the right place. We know what you need in Chile and how to use successfully SAP in Chile.

Our expertise includes dealing with these complex contents, which are important for Chile:

  • Connection of the electronic invoice to SII fiscal authority with a separation according to invoice, debit note, credit note and Boleta
  • SII documents (Guías de Despacho) for the transfer of material (storage location to storage location, if it differs geographically)
  • SII documents for individuals (Boleta)
  • Inflationary accounting for fixed assets
  • Valuation of current assets (inflationary accounting, Material Ledger)
  • Taxation for motor fuels and various consumer goods (penalty tax on products containing sugar and beverages)
  • Factoring with instruction to the SII authority
  • Withholding taxes for import and export processes
  • UF (Unidad de Fomento) currency as parallel currency
  • Exchange rates of the Central Bank of Chile