Are you planning a Rollout in Argentina or would you like to have a support for your Argentinian subsidiary?

Then you are certainly at the right place. We know what you need in Argentina and how to use successfully SAP in Argentina.

Our expertise includes dealing with these complex contents, which are important for Argentina:

  • Connection of the electronic invoice to AFIP fiscal authority, with subdivision of the invoices into blocks for: companies, individuals (natural persons) or for the import and export (Tipo de Comprobante A, B, E, …)
  • Complex sales and withholding taxes, mainly related to IIBB (Ingresso Bruto) and Ganancia, division in Retenciones and Percepciones
  • Monthly tax rate updates for various provinces (CABA, ARBA, …)
  • Use of special upload programs, which are updating the master data and the open items
  • Comprehensive reporting (cross provincial tax reports, …)
  • Hyperinflationary accounting (inflation rate in 2018 more than 30%)
  • Specific challenges for part and down payments (due to changing tax rates)
  • Special payment formats
  • Exchange rates of the Central Bank of Argentina