Are you planning a Rollout in Brazil? Or would you like to have a support for your Brazilian subsidiary?

Then you are certainly at the right place. We know what you need in Brazil and how to use successfully SAP in Brazil.


Our expertise includes dealing with these complex contents, which are important for Brazil:

  • Preparation and creation of the Nota Fiscal to SEFAZ (= authority in Brazil for the registration of invoices in relation to materials) or Nota Fiscal de Serviço to municipalities in the case of service invoices.
  • Extremely complex tax calculation with a high number of tax types (ICMS, ICMS ST, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ISS, CSLL, IR, ….)
  • Extensive list of exemptions (especially with ICMS and IPI tax)
  • Numerous withholding taxes, which must be taken into consideration during invoice or payment creation (extended withholding tax -Customizing for SAP)
  • Use of a separate tax transaction J1BTAX for the tax calculation administration
  • Adjustment of numerous SD and MM process chains (REB, ROB, ORB, RCM, KBB …)
  • Complex reporting system to the state (SPED accounting, SPED fiscal, Siscoserv, …)
  • Actual valuation of materials on a monthly level (Material Ledger)
  • Exchange rates of the Central Bank of Brazil