Dear Mercocon friends, colleagues and clients, 

2019 is almost coming to an end and Christmas is already knocking on our doors. As always, the last part of the ongoing year is busy. Monthly and yearly closures are the main activities where we support our clients. Together with the always ongoing activities, we do our best to plan all as good as possible. 

For us at Mercocon, 2019 was an exciting year. We have supported our clients in many countries of Latin America. At the beginning of the year, we have spent lots of time in Chile, where we supported Faber Castell in the SAP implementation for their Chilean branch. At the weekends, we really enjoyed the Chilean nature and outdoor life, in contrary with the local driver which drove us to the office every day. Especially our trip to the Argentinian border and the Atacama desert was one to remember. 

After this, we packed our stuff and went to Mexico. Here, we have support Emuge with the SAP implementation in their Queretaro plant. Based on the Seeburger solution, we interfaced the SAP system to the authorities in Mexico (SAT) and covered the requirements for e-invoicing, e-contabilidad and complemento de pago. The connection to their bank, Bancomer, was cumbersome. At the end, no less than 5 different formats were needed. All in all, a good example of a successful go live. Of course, we also had some time to visit the beauties of Mexico. We have visited “Teotihuacan” (one of the many difficult names in MX) where we had a closer look at the famous pyramids. Our tip, Mexico is always worth a visit!

Starting from August, we have started the project in Santa Ana, California. Here, we have supported Freudenberg with their North American SAP Rollout. For us, a completely different project, mainly because of the size of the project team (15-20 project members on a total employee amount of 120 employees in Santa Ana). Something new for us! After work, we had the chance to visit the famous beaches of California and the Sequoia National Parks. We have seen the huge famous trees and were impressed by a small walkway which we could have walked on for days. Unfortunately our time was limited. 

Coming towards the end of the year, our efforts were focussed on Peru, Mexico and Brazil, were we conducted activists for IGM Resins, Isringhausen, Stihl and Faber-Castell.

Traveling through the continent, one feels the changes within Latin America. We didn’t expect to see these huge protests in Chile. However, in all Latin American countries, we can see huge differences between rich and poor. Bolivia, Chile and Argentina showed us that its import to set social goals and that we should keep trying to achieve them. From within Brazil, we have seen lots of negative news concerning the rainforest and the dirt in the ocean. Concerning the latter, they still haven’t found the responsible person or company. We should try to guard our nature for future generations. 

A couple days ago, we shot the Christmas picture attached in Queretaro.

We wish you, and of course your family and friends, merry Christmas and an even better 2020!

Your Mercocon team