Chile is often regarded as the Switzerland of South America. A constant growth and a low public expenditure quota puts Chile since many years already on top of the list compared to other South American countries. Inflation is lately at the level of 2,8% (2012).
However there is sometimes the impression that Chile is trying to copy Argentina and Brazil. In 2014 for example the electronic invoice has also been introduced in Chile, almost at the same time as in Peru. The statute 20.727 from January 2014 defines that from November 2014 on all taxpayers have to successively change over to the electronic invoice writing. The SAP solution is also based on the eDocument just like in Peru.
You can learn from us how to bypass these circumstances in SAP. We show you more than Santiago de Chile, Concepción and Valparaíso together. Furthermore we will reveal to you how to do an implementation in Chile without any risks.