Brazil’s typical stereotype is usually linked to Samba, soccer and the famous Copacabana or the waterfalls in Foz do Iguacu. Taking a closer look it is impossible to not notice the very unique fiscal system. There is no other country in the world with a more complex bureaucracy. Read more in the report of the worldbank.
„General“value added taxes, which are called ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS and ISS, are already not easy to understand. In order to calculate these value added taxes you will need a reciprocal value because they are calculated in 100. Numerous dependencies among one another, especially regarding the IPI Tax, complicate the calculation. After accomplishing the calculation you will be forwarded to an electronic nightmare which is called the “Nota Fiscal”. This Brazilian type of invoice hinders every business in its working environment. Multiple formal requirements define accurately the master- and transaction data. In order to ensure a successful SAP-Rollout in Brazil you will need experienced professionals that know exactly how to handle the requirements and how to adjust these in SAP.