SAP Rollout Brazil

Mercocon is a specialized SAP Consultancy, which focuses on SAP Rollouts in Latin America for European and North American Companies. Therefor we pocess a network of high qualified a specialized multilingual SAP consultans, tax advisors and legal advisors in most Latin American countries. Letting our network working for your success is what we want to do.

Our process model for your rollout is adapted to the needs of Brazil. After an introduction workshop which is showing you to the features of the SAP world for Brazil, we perform the localization for you. This can be either integrated into their corporate template or be realized in a special additional system. We inform you about the advantages and disadvantages in our workshop and determine the best strategy for you. Now you can already see the first standard processes on your system and check them out. By using our Brazilian template we can provide these services for you quickly and effectively.

Then, in a second workshop every Brazilian process will be analyzed and stored in a process matrix. Based on this process matrix, we define all tax and fiscal processes which are used in your company. We assist you for the data migration, training and the execution of the tests as much as desired by you. At the end you will look back on a successful implementation and you might ask us to support.

In any case, you receive as our client, our quarterly newsletter which informs you of any major changes in South America.

Are you planning a rollout Brazil? Get in touch with us.