Project Management

New in Brazil, a new office, a new SAP System, new processes? Even if you answer just one of these questions with yes, you are going to face a huge challenge. Tax regulations, laws and the intercultural barrier are just some of the difficulties.
To ensure the project’s success you will need a partner that knows the Brazilian regulations and laws, who knows and understands the Brazilian mentality and – last but not least – knows and understands its client’s mentality, needs and wishes. Without such a partner, your project runs the risk to fail from the very start.
As Mercocon moves constantly between Latin America and Europe, we see ourselves as such a partner. We know how to handle the Brazilian and the European mentalities, looking back on experiences in many different projects involving Brazilian specialties like the specific tax regulations and laws.
Our first step is setting up a workshop to figure out what are client needs. What are their processes and where are possible traps and dangers? Based on this information we set up the timeframe and choose the right products and consultants from our broad portfolio.
From the kick off until the go-live, our experienced consultants and project managers are taking care to make sure that the project results fits the project’s goals.