Interim Management

The need of an interim manager can have several causes. Staff changes or a project for which a particular expertise is needed can be one of the reasons why a qualified interim manager would be useful. However there are also other projects with usual circumstances in which a demand for an interim manager can arise.

Whether it is an emergency or a project that was convened for needed changes, in order to sustain the successful position at the market you will need more than pure management.

Considering the complicated law and tax regulations in South America, especially in Brazil, an interim manager has to show its specific knowledge about South America and Brazil. Since the interim manager is also the link between Brazil and Europe, a high degree of intercultural competence is as well very important. Only with this combination of specific knowledge the interim manager can survive in the Brazilian reality and is able to take on responsibility.

Mercocon offers an interim management service in such way. Normally the necessity of an interim manager is short and temporary limited. Our interim managers are highly flexible and well trained. They understand the needs of multinational organizations with branch offices in Brazil perfectly.

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