SAP Template South America

Each SAP Rollout is based on our own SAP South America Template. All characteristics of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia are combined in this template. The electronic invoicing procedures in Brazil (here called: Nota fiscais), Chile and Peru as well as the unique processes in Brazil, as for example “Future Delivery”, management of consignment stocks and subcontracting are all included in the template. All calculations of the taxes are deposited by default and are available for the user as soon as the project starts. We will link our SAP South America Template with your SAP System. Thereby we can transfer the tables of localization suitably and safely to your system.
You can use our template for the trainings with your project teams. Take advantage from our experiences and speed up your project by using precast processes.

The advantages:


  • Speed up your Rollout
  • Easily meet compliance requirements
  • Always up to date
  • From day one available, perfect for training
  • Solutions for Import and E-invoicing available

Are you interested in our Template? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.