SAP Rollout Brazil

Mercocon has all the knowledge in integrated systems and experienced professionals to perform the rollout of SAP in international companies based in Brazil.
The implementation of a SAP rollout requires many activities to be performed. With experience in rollouts in several multinational companies, Mercocon shows them that coming to Brazil is of a high degree of complexity. Local laws, tax regulations and intercultural challenge must be done.
To avoid errors and delays, a SAP rollout should be planned in advance. A rollout introduces new users and data in an operating system, requiring actions and daily tests. Therefore, a detailed transition plan must be planned. As are there various tasks to be accomplished in a project rollout, Mercocon maps all planned activities. Following, the consultancy clarifies the degree of responsibility for each of the parties that are involved, for a better understanding. To rollout, Mercocon adds a set of solutions: We provide necessary assistance during the adaptation of European SAP logic to Latin America considering the Brazilian taxes as: Nota Fiscal, SPED Fiscal/Contábil, RTT e FCONT, CFOP as well as the classification of materials common to Mercosul (NCM) or inflationary balance sheets.