Mercocon staat voor Mercosul Consulting. Mercosul (vrij vertaald: Zuidelijke Gemeenschappelijke Markt) is een douane-unie tussen Brazilië, Argentinië, Uruguay, Paraguay en sinds 4 juli 2006 Venezuela. Onze uitgebreide ervaring in de implementatie van SAP projecten en rollouts in Brazilie voor internationaal georiënteerde ondernemingen maakt ons uniek.

The result of this experience is our own SAP template which alows you direct access to the numerous special process chains which will fit your needs.

Our team speaks your language (German, Portuguese, Spanish or English) and will realize your projects in a specified time frame. During a workshop we will clarify your special needs together and in a next step we will adjust our product portfolio to meet this needs exactly. On this basis, a project scope will be defined wich determinats the time, resources and effort needed. Our way of proceeding is the result of many launches in South America. The Mercocon team is build of fiscal experts and SAP consultants whom have completed projects in wide range of industries such as the paper and packaging industry, the automotive industry, the chemical industry, the textile industry, the engineering industry, the food industry and service industriy.

We are connecting continents with our office in Hamburg, Germany and Vinhedo, Brazil. Our presence on two continents makes us the ideal partner for your projects in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. Contact us for further information info@mercocon.com or call us at +49 171 77 42 546 or +55 19 3881 1067. We speak your language!