Corporate Strategy

Our Vision

The Mercocon Group set itself the target to become by the year of 2020 the leading SAP-Consultancy for SAP-Rollouts in South America. The key to success is our international team and our multicultural competences. Each of our employees is the leading expert in its topic.

Our Mission

Your reliable partner for SAP Operation in South America

„Connecting Continents“, there are no better words to describe our goal. We want to be your reliable partner when taking the step to Brazil, Argentina, Chile or any other country in South America.

The composition of our multilingual and international experienced consultants ensures an outstanding communication. Communication is one of the main success factors when processing international projects.

Knowledge leader in South America

When working successfully in Latin America you have to overcome intercultural challenges, confront the legal complexity and adapt to rapidly changing tax situations. The experience of our consultants as well as our own SAP-Template will help you to meet these demands.

Long-term relations for a stable growth

In order to achieve the goal of becoming the leading consultancy for SAP-Rollouts in South America Mercocon puts its focus on a stable growth. We believe that the base of our stable growth is the establishment and maintenance of long-term contacts with all of our providers, clients and stakeholders.

Attractive employer

The main success factor of our business is our team. Our attractiveness as an employer will help us and our employees to keep growing and develop ourselves further and further. We find it very important to offer a fascinating and challenging work environment with many evolving opportunities.